Myths about jackpots in online casinos

Myths and superstitions accompany us every day throughout our lives. Many of us are convinced that Friday the 13th is the scariest day, that a black cat crossing our path is not good. Even though many superstitions seem ridiculous to us, we still continue to believe in them.

Perhaps one of the most common myths concerning online casinos is that jackpots are given out at the push of a button. The verdict is partly true. If you want to learn about other online casino myths, you can read this article.


There is an opinion that the biggest jackpots are taken down by players known in advance – or people close to the manufacturer itself. For example, Swedes are suspiciously frequent jackpots in NetEnt slots. Coincidence? Try here to prove it. According to the basic principle of any slot: each spin is unique. This means that you can not assign it any particular value at any particular time. And it is certainly impossible to award the jackpot to a particular player. How do you think this is implemented technically, when tens or even hundreds of thousands of people can play on the company’s servers at the same time? Perhaps it really is a coincidence, but the thought still creeps in about it (even if you realize the randomness of each individual spin). Alas, the human brain likes to look for all sorts of regularities.

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